Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Creative Chemistry Day 3

Creative Chemistry Day 3!  I stayed up late to learn the lesson and try out the techniques.  It's 2 am right now...  so I'll keep it brief.  Maybe I'll be back later to add some more!  Then again...  maybe I'll take a nap after work instead. :-P

On the left is the Alcohol Ink Agate Technique, the center is the Reflections Texture Fade Technique and the right is the Archival Resist Technique.

Had some supply issues that really prevented me from rocking this lesson the way I'd like to have.  I only had soft gloss paper instead of glossy cardstock for the two techniques that are on black backgrounds.  I also only have 2 colors of Archival ink...  black and green.  This was the first time I've ever tried Archival ink at all.  I've added more colors of Archival and Glossy cardstock to my wish list.  But despite all that...  I'm pretty pleased with how all 3 tags turned out and I know I'll use all these techniques again in the future.

Here are some individual shots:
I've tried this technique on soft gloss paper before and the effect is still pretty nice.  The alcohol inks still do all the blending effects that happen on glossy, but the finish is much more subtly shiny.

No idea what happened to the color in this photo!  It's the same green background as the others.  The colors are much more vibrant orange in real life.

See you for Day 4!


  1. You have some seriously good stamps, Tanya!! I'm a little short on supplies too, so thank goodness we can keep these and try them anytime.

    1. All the stamps I used are by Tim. Mostly from the clear stamp collections, though I really prefer the rubber clings. You can get fabulous deals on the clear stamps on ebay. I paid around $5 per set.

  2. I don't think your supply issues hindered you at all, I think you really came up with some great tags.

  3. I think you achieved great results with your limited supplies! I will face similar problems today with Archival ink only in black and brown...

  4. I love your Tree background...I will certainly have to compensate for this class myself. I'm Just loving the way you did your tags...beautiful color scheme.

  5. Great job, love the looks of ALL of them.

  6. Very cool...especially love the first one!

  7. Wow - if you were supply challenged it doesn't show. Wonderful job! I'm so supply challenged I have to hit the craft shop tomorrow to get any of my homework done. Hopefully will have caught up by the weekend.

  8. Fabulous tags Tanya - doesn't look to me as if you were hindered in any way!! I really like the embossed tag, cool tree & bird :D
    Can't wait for day 4!!
    Ann-R x

  9. Very Nice! I like your stamps too!