Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Creative Chemistry Display Beginnings

I decided that I need to have a way to display all the techniques that we're learning so that I'll have inspiration whenever I look up from my workspace.

In addition to the tags with the technique instructions listed on the back, I'm going to make a smaller version of each one in a 2.25 inch square and then I'll mount them all to a background.  I used a hole punch on labels and stamped the letters a through f (so far) on them and affixed them to the lower right corner.  Then I stamped the letters onto the back of the tags with the instructions.  That way, when I look at the display, I'll just have to look up which letter it is to get the instructions.  I also decided to use a butterfly theme on the squares so that the finished piece will look unified despite all the different techniques and colors.

a) Blended Spritz & Flick, b) Wrinkle-Free Distress, c) Brushless Watercolor, d) Archival Resist,         e) Alcohol Ink Agates, f) Reflections Stamping

If you are interested in learning any of these techniques (Plus a whole lot more!), it's not to late to sign up for Creative Chemistry 101 with Tim Holtz!  Go to

I'd love to hear about how my classmates plan 
to display the things they are learning!

Alright, now back to my regularly scheduled posts...

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  1. Love Love Love your display! What a fantabulous idea. I didn't even think to scale down a bitty so this is deeply appreciated. I just love what you did with your techniques. HUGS