Monday, March 26, 2012

Creative Chemistry Day 6

 Creative Chemistry Day 6: Distress Markers.

Today we learned about the newest addition to the Distress Line...  Distress Markers!  As soon as I heard about them from watching the CHA 2012 new releases on, I knew that I HAD to have them.  I've got a few sets of permanent markers already (no copics, though), but no water based markers.  I also felt like it was a good opportunity to get the entire set without buying all the ink pads (even though I hope to collect all the ink pads eventually).  I ordered my set on Ebay and got them about a month ago.  It seems that they are rather hard to get right now and I got very lucky to get them so quickly.

Here are my creations:


m) Watercolor with markers, n) Stamping with Markers, o) Blending with Markers

 Here is my O-ring with all the tags I've created since starting this class!  It's starting to be quite the collection and I'm very excited about it:

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  1. That's quite a collection of tags...well done! Love the finished look of your butterfly tag today